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Sue-Atkins"CDO Chief Daddy Officer: The Business of Fatherhood is a very personal account around the journey and adventure of parenting, using the fundamental business skills of effective communication, team building and managing time. It offers personal tips and advice as well as universal parenting wisdom to inspire you to be the best parent you can be"

 Sue AtkinsAuthor of Parenting Made Easy
How To Raise Happy Children,
Speaker, Broadcaster

image003"I love this book! All of Chris’s strategies mirror my own advice to parents and caregivers with children of any age. By approaching the tasks of managing a household using the same tactics used in business, parents can create their own successful family dynamic. Integrating these strategies with a healthy dose of compassion and love for your children will make all the difference. CDO Chief Daddy Officer is solid proof! A magnificent book for all parents who wish to build lasting relationships with their sons and daughters."

 Maria Bailey, Mother of four, CEO of BSM Media,
Author of numerous “Marketing to Moms” books and
Host of nationally syndicated radio show, Mom Talk Radio

image007"This book was at the same time instructive and inspirational. I salute Chris for the time he has taken to share his wisdom with the reader. I also salute him for his integrity and leadership both in business and in his personal life. I hope this work is the first of more to follow as clearly this is a man of vision, wisdom, energy, integrity and above all LOVE."

Joel Batzofin, M.D.

image006"I have just finished reading CDO. It is amazing to me how Chris Efessiou was able to clearly and concisely use the basic principles of business management to produce a manual on being a successful parent. I truly enjoyed the examples from his own life dealing with his daughter, Persephone. I found that the chapter dealing with effective communication provided much needed instruction in controlling one's emotion with your child. No one said parenthood would be easy, but the principles obtained from this book can give all parents the common sense business approach to be a loving, caring mentor to their child. I highly recommend this instruction manual for all parents and parents-to-be, because the most important business is the business of bringing up a child."

 Michael Blaiss, World Renowned Allergist

image001"CDO Chief Daddy Officer is every parent’s manual to raise their children to become un-entitled, caring adults. Chris Efessiou eloquently and with a hefty sense of humor outlines the similarities found in all thriving businesses to the journey of raising a self-sufficient and responsible child. Through personal accounts, you will experience the success story of this very special father-daughter relationship and you will rejoice in its triumph of overcoming countless challenges each of which made their bond stronger. I would strongly recommend this book to any parent who wishes to raise a child to become a fine adult."

 Dr. Michele Borba, Child Expert

Jan-Fox"Where was Chief Daddy Officer when I was raising my daughter by myself? My knowledge of business principles was even less than my knowledge of child rearing.
In this book, I got lessons in both.  Chris Efessiou gave us an easy-to-read manual on how to raise a well-adjusted, independent, happy adult – one who understands the importance of giving back to the community. This busy, successful CEO practiced what he preached: Anyone can “Lead from the heart.”  All throughout the book, Efessiou tells very moving stories about how he taught his daughter life principles through the little every day moments. Each story reveals the business principles he followed from the time Persephone was 7, until the day he gave her away in marriage. He didn’t have to jump through hoops, make bribes, or withhold to get her to make the bed. (Gap Analysis) He simply realized that what was missing was a set of good instructions. Quietly, with ease, he taught her. She got the message and delivered a great product, even if a bit lumpy when she was young.

Efessiou strongly believed in empowering his daughter and his employees to reach their fullest potential. (Leadership) He gave Persephone choices. Each came with a result or a consequence. It was his consistency that helped her become stable, dependable, and trustworthy – exactly what we all want our children to become. In one of those predictable high school moments, he used vigilance (Trust but Verify) to avert a huge party in his home while he was away. In business, this principle keeps us from being attacked and even overcome by our competitors.     Perhaps the most poignant story is how he changed flights from overseas, traveling through several continents on a series of planes and routes to make it to a church just as his daughter came onto the stage in her first pageant. (Art of Being There) His description of the moment their eyes met and the ensuing joy is just palpable, with pure love jumping off the pages.

While I missed having these valuable parenting principles when I was raising my daughter, I am now an entrepreneur. You’d better believe I’m paying attention to the business concepts to make sure my small business thrives.  Other books have been too technical. This one fits my reading and learning style perfectly. If you want to succeed at both, business and parenting, this book will be your guide. Thank you, Dr. Efessiou!

P.S. Keep an eye out for the next revision of the book. It will include Chris’s toast at Persephone’s wedding. You will laugh. You will cry.  You will wish you had a dad like this!"

 Jan Fox, 4-Time Emmy Award Winning Broadcaster, Speaker, Coach, Author

jon headshotA"The most important leadership role we will ever have is at home. It’s also often the most challenging. That’s why I highly recommend this book! Read it today and let your greatest legacy be the lessons you teach your children by the way you lead them."

Jon Gordon, Best-Selling Author of The Energy Bus and The Seed

image005"I picked this book up to see if it was worth giving to my son, who is a busy executive with a 2 1/2 year old child. The short answer is yes! This book is full of useful, savvy, worthwhile advice that will be helpful to any parent trying to juggle work and family responsibilities. I particularly liked the way the author kept his priorities straight, while balancing dual challenges. Although the book was written from the perspective of a single parent, I thought all the lessons taught applied to nuclear families just as well.

So, yes, I did give this book to my son and will do so to my other children when they too have children. Nothing could be more worthwhile that to succeed at parenting, along with your job."

  Dr. Michael Kaliner

Wayne-Parker-8923"This was a great book and one I would recommend to all fathers. It will help you see work and life as needing complementary and not competing skill sets. And you will never quite see your role as father in the same way again. Read my book review of CDO Chief Daddy Officer and then buy or download the e-book for your own library. You will not regret it.”

Wayne Guide

image009As a Vistage Chair I work closey with 32 CEO's and their senior executives every month. Having read Chris's book I am eagerly recommending it to my Vistage members.  I believe the book is in alignment with the mission of Vistage.  Which is ... "Dedicated to Increasing the Effectiveness and Enhancing the Lives of Chief Executives".  
The book is a great reference guide with respect to how to leverage the experience and expertise gained on the job to more effectively raise our children.  It is an easy read full of real life examples that will bring smiles to your faces and tears to your eyes. I am especially excited to have my younger CEO's read this. I am continually struck by how busy these young people are. The multiple and competing commitments for their time is something they struggle with on a daily basis. This book will provide perspective as well as useful tips on how to handle difficult conversations, accountability, and the tough decisions that are coming.

The "peer advise" that the Vistage experience provides my members is why Vistage members outperform their competition. I believe, the fact that Chris is a successful CEO now writing as a successful parent, will be seen as valuable "peer advise" by my members. Giving them the tools and perspectives to outperform as parents.

Peter Schwartz, Chair-Vistage International 

What Previous Guests Are Saying

"Chris and I had a great time talking about building trust when I was a guest on his show. He is a generous and welcoming host and has a true knack for bringing out the best in his guests, to the benefit of his listeners.
Thanks, Chris!"
Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Trust Works!

"I've had the opportunity to be interviewed by many reporters, editors and talk show hosts. None have had a better grasp of the subject matter or listened and responded to my answers in a way that not only clarified my key points but also contributed to a better program. Chris is simply a great interviewer. Period."
Steve Cody, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Peppercomm

"Chris is a master of seeing the big picture and connecting the responsibilities of business to the responsibilities of parenting. My experience as his guest was excellent and included lively discussion about personal definitions of success and the challenges facing young women in today's demanding business environment. Hats off to Chris for his willingness to share his wisdom with his listeners."
Susan Smith Blakely, Esquire,

Author Best Friends at the Bar

"Being a guest on “Straight up With Chris” was truly a rewarding experience. Chris was so professional and talented as a radio show host, and I appreciated his amazing host ethics. His interview style is light-hearted, yet he ensures that the serious points of interest are discussed. Chris is truly about the guest and the listeners, and not himself. I highly recommend this show to anyone interested in business and/or family matters!"
Lauren Galley, President of Girls Above Society

"Chris is one of those rare interviewers who makes you forget you’re doing an interview. He is connected, present, authentic and creates an atmosphere where you feel as if you’re sitting on the couch having a chat. I have great admiration for him as a father, entrepreneur and game changer! Chris, you’re a gem!"
Maimah Karmo, President & CEO, Tigerlily Foundation

"What a great pleasure and honor to be on Chris' show. As a frequent talk show guest, it's easy for me to tell when the host has read the book, is prepared, and can gear the information to the interests of their audience. Chris certainly does that, and he also has a terrific way of engaging the guest that brings out their best. Chris is a pro - a true pro!"
Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver

"Chris Efessiou blends qualities rarely found in one professional: elegance and warmth, sophistication and down-to-earth presence. In radio, Chris has found a gift he now shares abundantly. To be his guest is to be honored with attentive listening, intelligent reflection, and gracious facilitation. Prepared and personable, Chris makes it effortless for the visitor to relax and reflect – so rare in media today."
Beth Onufrak, Ph.D., Clinical Child Psychologist,

"I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on Chris’s show to discuss teaching kids good money habits. Not only does Chris have a comfortable and intelligent interviewing style, his preparation is top notch. Chris takes the time to fully understand what each guest is all about. In our case, Chris spent an hour touring and discussing FamZoo's online virtual family bank with me in a pre-meeting. It was a first class experience from start to finish."
Bill Dwight, Founder & Chief Dad,

"I was a guest on Chris Efessiou’s talk show Straight Up with Chris. I do hundreds of shows per year but what attracted me to Chris was his impressive reviews and reputation. I was not disappointed. He had done his research and made the conversation interesting. I could not have asked for a more attentive and knowledgeable host. Thanks for having me on the show, I look forward to speaking again after I write my next book."
Daniel Milstein, Founder & CEO
Gold Star Mortgage Financial, Author

"Chris Efessiou is one of the few genuine media personalities. His warmth, open-mindedness and knowledge comes through in his interviews and it is no wonder he has such a loyal following. Working with Chris and having a fascinating discussion for listeners was effortless due to his charisma. I hope to work with him again."
Vanessa Van Edwards, Author and Behavioral Investigator,

"I had the delightful experience recently of being a guest on Chris Efessiou’s radio show “Straight Up with Chris.”  Most organizations invest a lot in helping employees learn to communicate more effectively, resolve conflict and be better leaders.  It was a great experience for me to relate two of the most important attributes of great leadership – personal responsibility and trust building ability – to being a better parent. Chris is a great host and interviewer. His questions were very insightful and made it easy for me to relate my experiences to both business and parenthood. Thanks again Chris for a great experience."
Keith Ayers, Founder & CEO
Intégro Leadership Institute, Author

"Chris is a true professional who is a master of his craft. When being interviewed and interacting with him you feel at ease, comfortable and engaged. He does his homework and is a skilled and interested show host. What a pleasure to be a guest on his show. Anxiously awaiting my next opportunity to participate."
Ted Rubin, Chief Social Media Marketing Officer,
Collective Bias

"Chris, your show is a tribute to your knowledge and experience in the business world. Many kudos!"
William Storms, MD, Listener from Colorado Springs, CO

"It was such a pleasure working with you!  Bar none, your Tweets and FB posts are the best I've ever seen from a host. You did great research. You are a true professional.  Thanks again for a great experience on your show."
Sarah Miller Caldicott, Great grandniece of Thomas Edison, CEO Power Patterns

"It was such a pleasure being on your program. What I appreciated most, was the critical points that you brought out about reading people for signs of dangerousness and why it is so important to do it the right way. Talking with you is not an interview. It is a delightful conversation, in-depth and meaningful, that can go on for hours. I hope your wonderful audience felt that way as well. The time went by too fast. I only hope we can do it again."
Dr. Mary Ellen O’Toole, Senior FBI Profiler (ret),

Author Dangerous Instincts

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a guest on your program. It was a privilege to be the recipient of your marvelous interviewing style. I was so impressed with the research that you did prior to the interview and the pre-show discussion that we had. You have spoiled me for all future radio interviews! The quality of your audience and their questions revealed a lot about your program."
SuEllen Fried, Founder


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