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One of the greatest challenges and opportunities a person can face is raising a child.  Regardless of your profession or status, parents worldwide understand how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy balance. 

Chris shares his journey of parenthood in his book CDO Chief Daddy Officer.  This amazing and touching story of the love a father has for his daughter and how when faced with the opportunity to raise her as a single parent he discovers the keys he used in business where the ones needed to create a strong positive parenting relationship.

The Top Reasons This Book Is A One Of A Kind Read:

1. CDO is a comprehensive blueprint which illustrates how to achieve success at home, using everyday business tactics.

2. CDO provides tools, tips and advice for today’s working parents, and demonstrates how to transfer business skills to parenting.

3. CDO is based on the sole premise that family comes first, and your business skills provide the needed resources to make this happen.

4. CDO demonstrates the importance of maintaining discipline and fun in your household and the need for balance in the workplace.

CDO Chief Daddy Officer providesthe framework for becoming a better parent and we invite you to take the first step in managing your life and responsibilities more effectively.

Discover how rewarding being a parent can be when you have the right approach!














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