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EdwardsListen Now "Detecting Deception and Nonverbal Behavior at Work and at Home" with Vanessa Van Edwards (2.21.13)


Vanessa Van Edwards specializes in social and emotional intelligence research and development. She runs, a website where readers can find the most interesting research on human behavior in an easy and relatable format. She wrote her first book when she was just 16, and just released a second book on how parents can use emotional intelligence to better understand their children. Her company also works with brands and individuals to help them use social intelligence and human lie-detection to improve hiring, sales and negotiation. Vanessa's unique approach has been featured by CNN, CBS Miami, Fox New York, Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue, and is the two times winner of the Moms Choice Award. Please visit Vanessa Van Edwards's (formerly Vanessa Van Petten) websites and