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Friday, 14 February 2014 21:21

How Do You Spell Love? T-I-M-E

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On this Valentine's Day, let's all take the opportunity to give our children and loved ones the gift they want most. Our Time.

Who hasn't heard from another parent, "enjoy your children now; they grow up so fast!" That is a true statement. They do grow up very fast. All children do. You did too when you were a child. But when another parent gives you this line, what are they really telling you? No, they are not simply stating the obvious, and they are not telling you to take lots of pictures or videos because your children will soon look very different. They are telling you that you should take the time to sink into your children and make this time of their development, and every time of their life, as memorable as you can by sharing it.

Think back to the days you were little. You probably got your favorite car or truck for a present, or your favorite doll or kitchen set. Did you love it? Of course you did. Do you remember asking your parents "mommy, daddy come play with me." Did they? If they did, you remember that time as clearly as it was yesterday, and you recall the experience with fond memories. If they didn't, you remember that too but your memory is that of a gift, an inanimate object, that was given to you as a present and you were expected to keep yourself busy with it. A very different memory, won't you agree?

Children are no different than adults. Think of the people you work with, or the people that work for you. You celebrate someone's birthday and you give them a gift certificate to a spa treatment. They appreciate it for sure, but don't you think that they would have appreciated lunch with a few coworkers and several authentic cards even more? It isn't the value of the gift that counts. It is the thought and Time that goes into selecting it, offering it, celebrating it.

I raised my daughter as a single dad, and I gave her the best I could. She got the dolls, and the dresses, and all the things young girls enjoy. But what she recalls most vividly, is the time we spent together braiding her hair, polishing her nails, playing with her dolls, going to a restaurant, making her feel like the princess she was and still is today. I am here to tell you, that every day of her adult life has been a treasure, because unbeknownst to me, the T-I-M-E I spent with her from infancy to adulthood was interpreted as L-O-V-E, and she has shared this with me on several occasions in spoken and written word. In fact, her notes to me from elementary school to college adorn the pages of my book, and serve as a beautiful reminder of the one thing I know I did correctly in my life.

Remember this. Your children will not always need you, but if you gave them your time and love, they would always want you to be near them and figure prominently in their lives. So this Valentine's Day give to those you love the everlasting gift. Your Time!

This is my opinion. It worked for me and it can work for you. You just have to try it!




Chris Efessiou

About Chris Efessiou:  Chris Efessiou is an entrepreneur, business leader, educator, mentor, international speaker, radio show host, and best-selling author of CDO Chief Daddy Officer: The Business of Fatherhood  based on his own experience from raising his daughter as a single dad by applying his business knowledge to the business of parenting.  Listen to Chris’s weekly Radio Show Straight Up With Chris:  Real Talk on Business and Parenthood on Voice America Radio.  You may connect with Chris on Facebook, follow on Twitter and visit