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Mary-Ellen-O-TooleListen Now "School Violence, Workplace Violence & Threat Assessment" with Mary Ellen O'Toole (1.10.13)


Dr. Mary Ellen O’Toole is an internationally recognized Forensic Behavioral Consultant who regularly works with corporations, government agencies, law enforcement, educational institutions, mental health and the media. She specializes in the recognition and assessment of concerning, troubling and dangerous behaviors that, if unaddressed, can have a wide range of serious consequences from loss of business and revenue to loss of lives.

Dr. O’Toole served as an FBI Agent for nearly 28 years. For more than half of that time, she worked in the Bureau’s prestigious Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), the Unit featured in the hit TV series Criminal Minds. As one of the senior and most accomplished agents in the BAU, Dr. O’Toole consulted on many of the FBI’s highest profile and most complex cases, including extortions, workplace violence threats, targeted violence against public and private institutions, homicides and others. Please visit her website is