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Dr. Ken Blanchard is the cofounder and Chief Spiritual Officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies®, an international management training and consulting firm that he and his wife, Margie Blanchard, began in 1979 in San Diego, California. In addition to being a renowned speaker and consultant, Ken also spends time as a visiting lecturer at his alma mater, Cornell University, where he is a trustee emeritus of the Board of Trustees. Ken’s phenomenal best-selling book, The One Minute Manager® , coauthored with Spencer Johnson, has sold more than 13 million copies and remains on best-seller lists. He has received many awards and honors for his contributions in the fields of management, leadership, and speaking. The National Speakers Association awarded him its highest honor, the “Council of Peers Award of Excellence.” Ken has been inducted into Amazon’s Hall of Fame as one of the top 25 best-selling authors of all time. His newest book is Trust Works!  Please visit



What Previous Guests Are Saying

"I've had the opportunity to be interviewed by many reporters, editors and talk show hosts. None have had a better grasp of the subject matter or listened and responded to my answers in a way that not only clarified my key points but also contributed to a better program. Chris is simply a great interviewer. Period."

Steve Cody, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Peppercomm

"Chris is a master of seeing the big picture and connecting the responsibilities of business to the responsibilities of parenting. My experience as his guest was excellent and included lively discussion about personal definitions of success and the challenges facing young women in today's demanding business environment. Hats off to Chris for his willingness to share his wisdom with his listeners."

Susan Smith Blakely, Esquire
Author of Best Friends at the Bar

"Being a guest on “Straight up With Chris” was truly a rewarding experience. Chris was so professional and talented as a radio show host, and I appreciated his amazing host ethics. His interview style is light-hearted, yet he ensures that the serious points of interest are discussed. Chris is truly about the guest and the listeners, and not himself. I highly recommend this show to anyone interested in business and/or family matters!"

Lauren Galley, President of Girls Above Society

"Chris is one of those rare interviewers who makes you forget you’re doing an interview. He is connected, present, authentic and creates an atmosphere where you feel as if you’re sitting on the couch having a chat. I have great admiration for him as a father, entrepreneur and game changer! Chris, you’re a gem!"

Maimah Karmo, President & CEO
Tigerlily Foundation

"What a great pleasure and honor to be on Chris' show. As a frequent talk show guest, it's easy for me to tell when the host has read the book, is prepared, and can gear the information to the interests of their audience. Chris certainly does that, and he also has a terrific way of engaging the guest that brings out their best. Chris is a pro - a true pro!"

Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver


"Chris and I had a great time talking about building trust when I was a guest on his show. He is a generous and welcoming host and has a true knack for bringing out the best in his guests, to the benefit of his listeners. Thanks, Chris!"

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of
The One Minute Manager® and Trust Works!

"Chris Efessiou blends qualities rarely found in one professional: elegance and warmth, sophistication and down-to-earth presence. In radio, Chris has found a gift he now shares abundantly. To be his guest is to be honored with attentive listening, intelligent reflection, and gracious facilitation. Prepared and personable, Chris makes it effortless for the visitor to relax and reflect – so rare in media today."

Beth Onufrak, Ph.D., Clinical Child Psychologist,


"I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on Chris’s show to discuss teaching kids good money habits. Not only does Chris have a comfortable and intelligent interviewing style, his preparation is top notch. Chris takes the time to fully understand what each guest is all about. In our case, Chris spent an hour touring and discussing FamZoo's online virtual family bank with me in a pre-meeting. It was a first class experience from start to finish."

Bill Dwight, Founder & Chief Dad,

"Chris is a great host and interviewer. His questions were very insightful and made it easy for me to relate my experiences to both business and parenthood. Thanks again Chris for a great experience."

Keith Ayers, Founder & CEO
Intégro Leadership Institute, Author

"I was a guest on Chris Efessiou’s talk show Straight Up with Chris. I do hundreds of shows per year but what attracted me to Chris was his impressive reviews and reputation. I was not disappointed. He had done his research and made the conversation interesting. I could not have asked for a more attentive and knowledgeable host. Thanks for having me on the show, I look forward to speaking again after I write my next book."

Daniel Milstein, Founder & CEO
Gold Star Mortgage Financial, Author

"It was such a pleasure working with you!  Bar none, your Tweets and FB posts are the best I've ever seen from a host. You did great research. You are a true professional.  Thanks again for a great experience on your show."

Sarah Miller Caldicott, Great grandniece of Thomas Edison, CEO of Power Patterns

"Chris, your show is a tribute to your knowledge and experience in the business world. Many kudos!"

William Storms, MDListener from
Colorado Springs, CO

"Chris is a true professional who is a master of his craft. When being interviewed and interacting with him you feel at ease, comfortable and engaged. He does his homework and is a skilled and interested show host. What a pleasure to be a guest on his show. Anxiously awaiting my next opportunity to participate."

Ted Rubin, Chief Social Media Marketing Officer,
Collective Bias

"Chris Efessiou is one of the few genuine media personalities. His warmth, open-mindedness and knowledge comes through in his interviews and it is no wonder he has such a loyal following. Working with Chris and having a fascinating discussion for listeners was effortless due to his charisma. I hope to work with him again."

Vanessa Van EdwardsAuthor and Behavioral Investigator,

"It was such a pleasure being on your program. What I appreciated most, was the critical points that you brought out about reading people for signs of dangerousness and why it is so important to do it the right way. Talking with you is not an interview. It is a delightful conversation, in-depth and meaningful, that can go on for hours. I hope your wonderful audience felt that way as well. The time went by too fast. I only hope we can do it again."

Dr. Mary Ellen O’Toole, Senior FBI Profiler (ret), 
Author of Dangerous Instincts

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a guest on your program. It was a privilege to be the recipient of your marvelous interviewing style. I was so impressed with the research that you did prior to the interview and the pre-show discussion that we had. You have spoiled me for all future radio interviews! The quality of your audience and their questions revealed a lot about your program."

SuEllen Fried, Founder of


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