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I share this story with the deep belief that if Greece is to regain its own economic sovereignty, its best chance for doing so is my creating jobs in the private sector through organic growth.  The engine for such growth is Entrepreneurship. This is a significant step for my native land. Turmoil Breeds Opportunity: Greece Entrepreneur Week ATHENS, GREECE, February 27, 2012 In the face of economic, social, and political turmoil, Entrepreneur Week initiated its first parlay into Europe with Greece Entrepreneur Week (@EWgreece) to educate more than 650 aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs. The event was planned purposefully in just 20 days to provide the framework of entrepreneurship as a viable long-term solution for solving the financial crisis. “Greece has a robust and proud culture. It’s time we wake up to the new reality of doing business and operate from a stance of strength through global collaboration, networking, and interconnection. It’s imperative we embrace a new way of thinking and building relationships. For too long Greece has been an insular economy. CoLab, exemplifies the abundance of entrepreneurial opportunity we have here. The first two spaces we launched sold out in less than three months each and we are now expanding geographically outside of…

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Celebrating 37 Years in the Land of Opportunity

08-27-2013 Leadership

August 27, 1976, seems so long ago but it feels like yesterday....

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Turn “Back to School” to “Back to the Future”

08-20-2013 Parenting Tools & Advice

Another school year just started or is soon to start, and you...

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Two Things to Give Your College-Bound Child

08-14-2013 Parenting Tools & Advice

Two Things to Give Your College - Bound Child! by Chris Efessiou...

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Money Management 101: The College Years

08-08-2013 Business Topics

Congratulations Mom and Dad. You survived the teenage years! You and I...

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Want that Job? 3 Easy Steps to Ace that Interview!

08-01-2013 Business Topics

Want that Job? 3 Easy Steps to Ace that Interview! by Chris...

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Want that Job? 3 Easy Steps to Ace that Interview!

07-30-2013 Business Topics

No, I am not a Human Resource guru, an industrial psychologist, a...

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Will and Kate, 5 Things I wish My Father Had Told Me….. You’re Welcome!

07-23-2013 Family & Parenthood

Now that Will and Kate’s bundle of joy has arrived, I’d like...

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The Bling Ring? It’s Not for Keeps

07-16-2013 Parenting Tools & Advice

If you haven’t heard about the summer movie the Bling Ring–don't fret!...

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The Day the Door Came Off the Hinges

07-09-2013 Family & Parenthood

To a teenager, the door is everything. It’s their direct path to...

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